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"To ensure lasting changes, our team will collaborate with your organization to bring about a transformation in the way leaders and employees engage with each other. Our focus will be on supporting your leadership teams in encouraging people to think and act differently, thereby motivating and exciting everyone about the change."

Creative Consultations offers a unique blend of experience and expertise that empowers us to establish collaborative environments, considering wait the diverse viewpoints and capabilities of all stakeholders. By adopting this approach, we collaborate with you to develop strategic solutions that lead to long-term, sustainable transformative change in your organization, operations, and shared goals. You can trust us to help you achieve your objectives and create a better future for your organization.


  • Training

  • Professional Development

  • Organizational Design

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Interactive Engagements

  • Systems Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building



  • Focus Groups

  • Surveys

  • Assessments

  • Brand Equity & Identity

  • Brand Perception & Awareness

  • Data Collection

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  • Executive Coaching

  • Professional Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Personal Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Career Coaching


With over thirty years of experience in for-profit and nonprofit management, independent consulting, and coaching, I am a seasoned consultant who can help you achieve your organizational goals. I specialize in change management, organizational transitions, and culture building, and coaching. 


By delving deep into your organization, I can help you foster strategic direction, compliance structures, and people strategies that will improve partnerships, culture, efficiency, and productivity. Let me help you take your organization to the next level.


My leadership style is driven by a strategic enterprise perspective, and I possess a distinctive ability to seamlessly adapt to the culture of any organization. This enables me to build strong relationships with team members and stakeholders, ultimately leading to successful outcomes.



PIC_Alana Beal

Alana, the founder and leader of Creative Consultations, is the expert you need to take your business to the next level. With a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and skills, she has worked with individuals and teams all across the country to improve business and product development processes. By leveraging strategic development, marketing and research analytics, relationship development, training, and coaching, Alana enables her clients to achieve their goals and reach success beyond their wildest dreams. 


Alana has a proven track record of accomplishments in the business sector. Her expertise lies in opening up new markets, connecting with challenging customers, and working collaboratively to secure and expand new services and business accounts. She has achieved success through strategic planning, budgeting, team/individual leadership, marketing, and delivery of products and services in various corporations and nonprofit organizations. 


As the leader of Creative Consultations, Alana has worked with businesses of all sizes to improve sales, develop effective marketing campaigns, create and implement training programs on various topics, coach/mentor, and develop processes with systems to improve internal/external operational efficiency. Her work has a focus on the goal of enhancing profitability and performance, both for the business and the individual. 


Choose Alana to guide your business toward success today.

Alana has a B.A. in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University, Washington, DC and a M.A. in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.  Adding to her consulting repertoire are her certifications from Certified Coaches Federation in executive, professional, and life coaching as well as a certification from University of Phoenix in call center management.

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