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Creative Consultations have been servicing businesses and individuals in the areas of business development, marketing research, personal and professional development, and strategic development and implementation.
We rely on practiced methods with proven results, thorough research and analysis, effective implementation (including coaching) and outlooks for corporates, businesses or individuals. 


We have the know-how you need.

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Our business partners are perceptive, creative, versatile and highly effective.  Our methods and processes are not limited to a specific industry: our experience and client list includes those in the video relay services, small businesses, telecommunication companies, non-profit groups, schools and universities, government agencies as well as individuals. Our range is wide, but intensive, to provide you with thoughtful direction, designed to generate results. Creative Consultations is committed to you and your growth and success.
We look forward to learning more about your unique challenges and sharing with you how our services can be of benefit to you.


Strategic Consulting/


Business and Product Marketing Development

Organizational Development

Meeting Facilitation/Board Training

Cost Control Analysis

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Sales/Marketing Training

Student DevelopmentPrograms

New Product/Service

Curriculum Development

Professional Coaching/

Experience Sharing

and Feedback

Employee Development


Business Coaching



Focus Groups

Market Research

Quality Assurance Programs

Deaf Interpreting

Deaf Interpreting

A certified deaf interpreter (CDI) is a Deaf individual who is fluent in American Sign Language, well-versed in Deaf culture, and has received rigorous training and a certification from Registry of the Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID).  A crucial component to a successful communication outcome, the CDI works in tandem with an American Sign Language interpreter in a wide variety of situations that call for an extra layer of facilitation and thorough understanding between the deaf and hearing parties. With a CDI present, the deaf client is able to better comprehend the situation in their native language, American Sign Language, freed from any linguistic deviation that may result from using a American Sign Language interpreter who may not have a firm grasp on the nuances and the complexities of the language or the culture.


As the founder and leader of Creative Consultations, Alana brings with her a wealth of experience, broad knowledge and intensive skills obtained from her years in the corporate and non-profit worlds. She has worked with individuals and teams across the country, improving business and product development processes through strategic development, marketing and research analytics, relationship development, training and coaching.


Alana has a track record of accomplishments in the business sector; she is

adept at opening up new markets, connecting with challenging customers, and working collaboratively to secure and expand new services and business accounts. 


She has found success with practiced strategic planning, budgeting,

team/individual leadership, marketing and delivery of products and

services in her positions in different corporations and nonprofit organizations.


Meet Alana

Alana W. Beal

Certified Executive & Life Coach

As leader of Creative Consultations, she has had opportunities to work with businesses of various sizes to improve sales, develop effective marketing campaigns, create and implement training programs on various topics, and develop processes and systems to improve internal/external operational efficiency. Her work has a focus on the goal of improved profitability and performances, for both the business and the individual.

Alana has a B.A. in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University, Washington, DC and a M.A. in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ.  Adding to her consulting repertoire are her certifications from Certified Coaches Federation in executive, professional, and life coaching as well as a certification from University of Phoenix in call center management.


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